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NYC Commits to 40 Miles of Open Streets in May, 100 Miles in Total

After significant urging from the city council and the governor, at a press briefing Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio committed to opening 100 miles of city streets to pedestrians and cyclists in order to provide New Yorkers space to socially distance. The mayor committed to 40 miles of open streets in the next month, beginning with streets around parks and other high-activity areas, as well as in the most hard-hit areas. After that, the goal would be to reach a total of 100 miles over the course of the pandemic, however long that timeline may be. The move follows a pilot program nixed by de Blasio, and a bill from city council that would have required 75 miles of open streets. It also follows similar initiatives in cities around the world, and the country, that have taken steps to open more space to people during the coronavirus shutdown, especially as streets remain empty of cars, and as the weather warms up.

Read more via Commercial Observer here.

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